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Convocatoria a resúmenes para 4S Nueva Orleans 2019. Panel: “Towards Sustainability: Exploring Technologies, Models, Policies and Theories between the Global North and Global South”

IM 4S Open Panel Sustainability filtEstá abierta la convocatoria a resúmenes para el panel abierto “Towards Sustainability: Exploring Technologies, Models, Policies and Theories between the Global North and Global South” que se realizará en el marco de la Reunión de la Society for Social Studies of Science, Nueva Orleans, Louisiana (Estados Unidos), 4 al 7 de septiembre 2019. Cierre de envío de resúmenes: 1° de febrero.

Call for abstracts 4S NOLA open panel:

Towards Sustainability: Exploring Technologies, Models, Policies and Theories between the Global North and Global South (track #182)

Convenors: Santiago Garrido & Gabriela Bortz (Institute of Science and Technology Studies, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes / CONICET, Argentina)

4S Annual Meeting: “Innovations, Interruptions, Regenerations”, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 4-7.

Deadline: Feb 1, 2019.


The first decades of this 21st century have presented a series of urgent problems: climate change, biodiversity loss, decrease of natural resources (clean water, oil, forests, fishing stocks), waste accumulation. These problems pose a challenge to unsustainable technology development, production and consumption patterns developed in socio-technical systems such as energy, mobility and infrastructure, agriculture, food production, and waste management. These issues reinforce the questions about the governance of scientific-technological decisions, the design of models and policies, of new regulatory sets, and the orientation of available capacities towards solving current global challenges.

In the STS studies, the issue of sustainability gained relevance, especially within the ‘transitions to sustainability’ research agenda. Some theoretical approaches have even influenced policy agendas of different governments. However, knowledge production on this topic has been relatively uneven between the Global North and South, and the exchange between main challenges, knowledge production, and experiences has been seldom. 

How these transitions towards sustainability differ across countries, cultures, productive and technical domains? How different actors are brought together in these processes of socio-technical change?

This panel aims to generate an exchange space on three main levels: 1) inter-regional level (experiences from the Global North and South); 2) policy and theoretical level, seeking the exchange between diverse policy approaches and models (responsible innovation, inclusive innovation, bioeconomy, circular economy, national innovation systems, co-creation, transition management, multi-level approach, local development); 3) sectorial level, welcoming empirical cases on energy, biotechnology, water and sanitation, mobility and infrastructure, waste management, agriculture and food, aquaculture, among others.

Important information

Open panel paper submissions should be in the form of abstracts of up to 250 words. They should include the paper’s main arguments, methods, and contributions to STS. A specific mention to paper’s relation to track’s themes and topic is required. Please, do mention, if any special technical requirement will be needed.

All abstracts should be submitted in English through the conference website: https://www.4s2019.org/call-for-submissions/ or https://www.4s2019.org/accepted-open-panels/.

If you have any questions regarding the panel, please feel free to contact us: santiagomgarrido[at]gmail.com or gabybortz[at]gmail.com. 

Any general questions about the Conference please contact 4S NOLA 2019 organization: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .